0 ONE 0


Film Title Sebar-e Do Bar Barabar [O ONE O]

Duration 10:38
Language Persian
Subtitle Language English Country of Production Iran


A complicated narrative based on a structure that finally refers to the phallus. A story of three Iranian young boys involved in terrible, deadly and triangular dreams which were so real to one of them. He decides to visit the two others and warn them about terrible things that are going to happen. But they do not heed what he says.


0 ONE 0 is an angry, overdosed and unconventional film not based on narrative. It is a structure-centred film and notable for such an approach. All the shots are symmetrical – the number of the shots in the first part are exactly equal to the second part. Under the tyranny of the Islamic Republic regime in Iran, the life condition of the youth – as it is called and literally translated – is too “phallic” to be tolerated. That is why I have structured the film inspired by the structure of the male genital organ. I have expressed Iranian youth’s life condition in such a cinematic way. In other words, this is to say that O ONE O has a new look in its structure which has an extraordinary function to it. The structure in this film has become an expressive element, which is oriented more towards conveying the meaning rather than transferring the narrative. However, the intertwined story and structure are harmoniously fit in.

The three young boys in this film, who finally get killed by unknown hands, are led by unidentified persons from unknown locations.


Director, Script Writer, Editor and Production Designer Mohammad Hossein JAFARI MOGHADDAM FARD
Producers Meysam MUINI, Hassan MIRMOEZI
Actors Benyamin MOHAMMADI, Salar DARYAMAJ, Mostafa TEYMOURI Cinematographer Ali GHAZI

Sound Designer Amir Hossein GHASEMI
Visual Effect Supervisor Ali ALIZADEH
Visual Effect Artist Ali EBRAHIMI
Sound Recordist Sasan NAKHAIE
Make-up Artist Hadi GHALIKHANI
Production Manager Arash BAGHIPOUR
Script Supervisor Zartosht KASHEFIAN

About the Director

Name: Mohammad Hossein
Family Name: Jafari Moghaddam Fard
Date and Place of Birth: 1986, Qazvin, Iran
Education: M.A. in Cinema from University of Tehran. Filmography:
Tehran Meantime (2015) – Short Documentary Film Sebar-e Do Bar Barabar [O ONE O] (2018) – Short Film

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