2022 Screenings


26th July 2022 - 4th September 2022

Emerging Voices from Iran

Emerging Voices from Iran: Shorts Presentation-Part 1

A three-part collection of compelling shorts that centre around the themes of hardship, survival, isolation, self-reflection and the loss of innocence.

Running Time: 67 Minutes
Language: Persian with English subtitles

12 O’clock (Drama)

In this visually-gripping suspense drama, a woman gets ready to appear in the court on the day of her divorce hearing, but as she gets closer to the appointed time, she decides to stay at home and play a deadly game with her son.

The Fence

Yaghoub, an immature teenager who thinks and acts like a child, is used by his father to sacrifice his sister’s goat. This causes him to suffer and awakens his conscience. He therefore decides to stop the extravagance of the villagers – especially his father – in encroaching upon nature. Along the way, mysterious and cosmic forces enter the village to fulfill Jacob’s will.

Children of Wild Orchid (Drama)

A very young girl, who is joyous despite her being a victim of child labour, faces the darker realities of her life while she tries her best to touch its beauties when encountering them.

Shadow of the Fox (Drama)

A teenage girl decides to skip school and spy on her father to unravel the mystery of her mother’s sudden disappearance. However, what she’s about to find out isn’t easy to grasp or comprehend.

Respecting the Court (Drama)

A group of teenage boys with nothing more than an empty bag in hand, lacking self-vision, set path towards an undetermined future, knowing not what awaits them.

Emerging Voices from Iran: Shorts Presentation-Part 2

Description. Running Time: 68:00 Minutes
Language: Persian with English subtitles
Mahi (Drama)

A girl named Mahi comes to the capital city, Tehran, to find work.

Mountain Carrier (Drama)

A simple Kolbar (a cross-border labourer who carries loads on his back) in the mountains learns that his son Farhad has been missing for two days. Suddenly their group is shot with dire consequences.

The Book (Drama)

While chasing a writer on the streets of Tehran, a security officer encounters various crimes and delinquencies that are taking place.

Aba (Drama)

Aba is a 50-year-old woman who cares for elderly women.
She decides to die voluntarily to escape loneliness and old age.

Emerging Voices from Iran: Shorts Presentation-Part 3

Description. Running Time: 48:00 Minutes
Language: Persian with English subtitles
Soha (Drama)

An Afghan woman makes a radical decision to change her life because of her ex-husband’s harassment but her chosen path poses even greater challenges.

Pick (Drama)

Set in an apricot orchard, this playful short captures the unspoken bond that develops between four little boys and an old fruitpicker.

The World in Short

International Shorts (4 shorts)

An exciting collection of international shorts covering a range of themes and genres.

Running Time:  33:11 Minutes
Language: English, Mandarin with EST

The Quiet (Animation)

When an astronaut ponders on the quietude of space, he comes upon a startling self-realisation. The truth is written in the stars, but what will he uncover?

Cinema Now (Documentary, Experimental)

Cinema Now is a short, observational documentary film (presented in the contemporary ‘Direct Cinema’ style) and shot entirely on KODAK Vision3 Super 8mm Film. The film depicts closed cinemas from the point of view of passers-by, taking a moment’s pause and looking patiently at building exteriors and facades.

Painting by Numbers (Animation)

In a mysterious gallery imbued with strange life, shadows of the past and unresolved futures collide when a child’s vision peels away the layers of what we call ‘reality.’

Part Forever (Horror, Thriller)

In the dark hall, candles flickered faintly. A body lay in the middle of the hall. Huei and her husband Wen Hsiung had come to say goodbye to Huei’s dearest sister. However, the seemingly calm and sad farewell ceremony seems to hide an astonishing and dark secret.


In this animated micro-short, a conspiracy nut finally grasps the truth.

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