A Woman Is A Woman




A Woman Is A Woman



Hong Kong|2018|92min|In Cantonese with Chi & Eng subtitles

導演 Director:Maisy Goosy Suen

監製 Producer:Mimi Wong


“A Woman Is A Woman” features the story of two transwomen Sung Chi Yu and Chiu Ling Fung. Sung Chi Yu hides her identity of transwoman after her surgery and recreate her new life with a family and also a step daughter. Everything seems to be fine till her identity is accidentally discovered by her husband. The discovery was a shock to the man who couldn’t accept her past resulting in the collapse of the lovely family. Chiu Ling Fung always knows she is different. As a little boy, she thinks and behaves like a girl but never dares to think much of it. Raised by a religious, conservative family, she is told to man-up and act like himself. At the age of 16, she starts to explore the notion of love and panics when she could only dream as a girl.

The film features the stories of two transwomen in Hong Kong narrating the problems and issues faced by many transwomen in Hong Kong under a social environment full of stigmatisation, discrimination and alienation.

This will be the first ever project to play a leadership role in improving the mental health of transgender people through an entertaining but educational full-length feature film. This is an essential area of health care that has been ignored by both the public and private sectors, leaving the plight and agony of transgender people to perpetuate, with many of them living in poverty under social security. Without anyone trying to tackle this issue, tragic stories about transwomen continued to be commonplace with this lack of empathy and understanding towards transgender people in general.

Besides the producer of the film being a transwoman, transwomen and transmen have been invited to play both leading and supporting roles in this feature film. Having transgender persons showing up in the film will let the community visualise how they are like, see them in action and thus further improve their receptiveness towards the transgender community. In addition, out of the two leading transwomen characters in the film, we have invited a cisgender woman to play this role. This is a first attempt in Hong Kong movies, as all past attempts always invited cisgender men to play similar roles.

Through the screening of this film, we hope to reach and penetrate all layers of the society to convey the message that while transwomen are fragile and suffer from a lot of bullying from society, they are just ordinary persons and deserved to be loved and respected by all mankind. Transwomen are just like any ordinary cisgender women. The gender identity of this marginalised group of people needs to be respected so that they could compete equally in society in their respective fields of excellence. We believe the film could generate lasting impact on the social perception of the general public towards transwomen, offering them better opportunity to live a quality and dignified life with much better choices to make their own life decisions. The whole transgender community will benefit as a result, though the focus of the film will be on transwomen only.

On the other hand, we have also engaged a team of young female film professionals in the production of this film. Women have never been treated equal like men in the film industry. This film will offer rare opportunities for young female film practitioners to have the opportunity to develop their talents and show that they could do as good as men. The lack of opportunities for female film professionals is not limited to Hong Kong. This is the same everywhere in the world. The United States had their first all-female film production recently. It was a very good and challenging development opportunity for those who engaged in this production. We believe we need to do the same here, allowing young female filmmakers to prove their worth to the public and develop their skills with this rare but golden opportunity. Practically all the female professionals engaged in this film are having their debut in the making a full length feature film.


Transwomen are women, they simply want to be treated as a woman, no more, no less. They are human beings looking for themselves, looking for understanding, looking for life, living their lives; always trying, always searching for the light. And so I know without reservation that I must make this film, explore their stories, and that I, like them, must search for identity.A Woman is a woman. That’s it.My vision is to create cinema that provokes the audience to understand transgender ; to create cinema that makes transgender visible ; to create cinema that connects different gender groups to love and respect each other ; to create cinema that eliminates the age-old stigmatisation on them.


Maisy Goosy SUEN was born in 1994 and started taking pictures when she was 8. And she approached theatre drama when she was in high school. In 2012 she enrolled at the Film and media art course at the Hong Kong Baptist University. She has made a few short films when she was studying in school and has taken parts in some feature film production. In 2017/2018 she directed <A Woman Is A Woman>, her first indie feature film. The movie was produced and shot entirely in the Hong Kong.


Amanda Lee as Sung Chi Yu

Tomo Kelly as Chiu Ling Fung

Buber Mak as Lee Lai Kei

Koyi Mak as Rose


Screenplay: Jackie Wong

Cinematography: Finn Chen

Editor: Anita Chu; Maisy Goosy Suen

Sound: Yuki Yip

Production Designer: Monique Yim

Line Producer: Kathy Wong

Production Manager: Fok Ka Po

Gaffer: Leung Ching Hei

Choreographer: Maxica Lui


Mimi Wong(Producer)

21E Geeenmont Court, Discovery Bay, Lantau Island, New Territories, Hong Kong

Association of World Citizens Hong Kong China


+852 90292683

Maisy Goosy Suen



Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Apple Daily Charitable Foundation

Equal Opportunities Commission

Pure Art Foundation

HER Fund

LUSH Asia Limited

Global Fund for Women

Women’s Commission

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