Maryanne and Yin were committed lovers. They joined a student strike in their final year urging for Hong Kong’s democracy with Shi, Maryanne’s best friend. The strike evolved into an occupation movement, causing them internal conflicts. As the Court issued an injunction, they also differed on leaving or not. When the movement failed, Maryanne continued her quest while Yin stopped. This hurt Maryanne so much that she had to split with Yin. Shi then became Yin’s soulmate, and moved with him to New York. Five years later, Maryanne became a legislator. She bumped into Yin again in a conference where Yin was seeking funding for his China project. Gradually, they fell in love again, as their long-suppressed feelings re-surfaced. Not too soon, Shi was also back in Hong Kong. When Maryanne realised Yin’s relationship with Shi, however, she decided that they could continue – until Shi discovered their new affair and demanded Yin’s choice.

Struggling between his two beauties, Yin proposed to Maryanne – when Hong Kong’s Extradition Bill erupted into an unprecedented Anti-Extradition Movement. Despite her deep feelings for Yin, Maryanne divulged her hidden pains as a democracy fighter –

“There are ways we got to go, not because we want to…”


Chitman CHAN received his M.F.A. in Theatre (Acting major) from Brooklyn College, City University of New York. He has been an actor in film / television / theatre, and a theatre director for over two decades. His major works in film include –

Director / Writer / Co-Producer / Actor / Co-editor of “Apart” – Champion, 2nd “First Feature Film Initiative (Professional Group)”, Hong Kong.

Co-producer of “Cure” – “Best Asia-Middle East Film” Nomination, 24th Tokyo International Film Festival.

“Best Supporting Actor” Nomination, 27th Genie Awards, Canada – as Frank in “Eve and the Fire Horse”.

Support Actor (as Raymond) in 67th Oscar-nominated film “Eat Drink Man Woman”; also served as Co-Acting Coach.

Second Lead (as Sam) in “Combination Platter” – FIPRESCI Prize, 18th Toronto International Film Festival.

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