Selected Milk


“Selected Milk (Added from Reconstituted Milk Powder Whole Pasteurized Homogenized)”, is in the form of a manual for sellers of milk cartons in supermarkets. Meanwhile, the scenes reflects the flashes of life of a potential seller who does not meet the conditions of a milk carton salesman.


Jose Luis Ducid, without pasteurization, serves us – sells us – poems with his curdling, his acidic point of sarcasm, and well sprinkled with the powder of realism. The vía crucis, or say: the milky way of this film takes place in non-bucolic spaces and without much meringue. Situations in which people die vomiting custard. Indi-blurp cinema – with gestures.
Ducid is a skeptical character in the supermarket of life. And he appears a bizarre storyteller.
(Estíbaliz Espinosa)

Visually, “Selected Milk” brings the principle of economy to its maximum: only one frame illustrates each situation.
Facing the “ready-made” commercial cinema, where everything is explained in the screen, but also facing the elegance of hiding the evident or the unpolished, José Luis Ducid arrives, in an ascetic rapture, to cinematographic adamism: the image doesn’t tell, it only suggests, evokes, proposes; one nude frame summarizes the scene, showing only the starting point to the spectator’s imagination, and fulfilling thus the true AUDIO-visual mandate: What you see complements what you hear, and not vice versa.
Turned around cinema. Forgotten cinema.
(Richard Hotz)

“The piece becomes an interesting collective work that plays with topics of contemporary art. Fixed images give place to a non-linear live space in which the ideas that embody the proposed cinematographic frames, acquire an evocative meaning in movement.”
(Dra. Iliana del Carmen Ortega, Fotogenia Festival)

“Selected Milk takes us away with a cutting text of extreme and hard frontality, and marvelous amusement/tension throughout.”
(Alceu Bett, Festival Internacional de Cinema em Balneario Camboriú)

DIRECTOR BIOGRAPHY – Jose Luis Ducid, Alfonso Camarero, Maria Meseguer

José Luis Ducid (Buenos Aires, 1969), a multidisciplinary artist, poet, actor, director and musician, is known in the artistic world as the “Creole Bukowski”, but he refuses to accept any similarity, vehemently raising a glass of whisky.
After his time at the Spencer Workshop of Puerto Madryn in the Argentinian Patagonia, in 1994 he emigrated to Spain where he published “Leche Seleccionada Adicionada de Leche en Polvo Reconstituida Entera Pasteurizada Homogeneizada)” (Tris Tram, Lugo, 1996) and ‘TAN GO-gO Tán’ (Línea de Fuego, Oviedo, 2000).
He studies cinema in the “School of Image and Sound” of A Coruña, and begins to direct. On repeated occasions he received awards as script writer and director of short films such as ‘Cubalibre’ or ‘Unha Estrella’. Among other plays, he also experimented in theatre with his monologue ‘How to be born human and turn into an Argentinian’ or the weekly show ‘Aperitivo Kill’.

Alfonso Camarero (A Coruña, Galicia, Spain, 1972), is also a multidisciplinary artist. Trained as sound engineer, and with studies of philosophy, he was involved in music and cinema since childhood, standing out his 7 international awards as director, scriptwriter and composer.
Now ruling his own recording studio, where he makes musical & audiovisual production.


María Meseguer (Madrid, Spain, 1966) studied photography at the International Center of Photography (ICP) of New York. She made workshops with photographers like Larry Towell, Ferdinando Scciana, Alberto García Alix, Riki Dávila and Alberto Schommer among others.
She works for different institutions in Spain (Residencia de Estudiantes in Madrid, Fundación Luis Seoane in A Coruña, ARCO foundation in Madrid, ,GAIAS Museum in Santiago de Compostela)


Director Jose Luis Ducid

Director Alfonso Camarero

Director Maria Meseguer

Writer Jose Luis Ducid

Producer Alfonso Camarero

Photo Maria Meseguer

Edit Paula G. de la Fuente

Sound Alfonso Camarero

Music Alfonso Camarero


50th Alcine –Alcalá de Henares Film Festival

Alcalá de Henares
November 6, 2020
Best Original Music

10th Balneário Camboriú International Film Festival

Balneário Camboriú
November 26, 2020
Brazilian premiere
Best Film (Vivo Section)

2nd Golden Wheat Awards

March 7, 2021
Turkey premiere
Best Experimental

19th Cine Pobre Film Festival

La Paz
May 6, 2021
Best Self Funded Film

1st Eastern Europe International Movie Awards

May 2, 2021
Best Experimental Feature Film

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